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What is Polocrosse?

Polocrosse can simply be described as a hybrid of lacrosse and polo; a game played on horse-back which involves the rider using a loosely strung racquet to pick up, throw and catch a soft ball between their team members with the object being to score goals against the opposition. However, once seen or tried it can more accurately be described as an obsession.
The sport firmly has its roots in the United Kingdom despite first being played in Australia. In the 1930’s a couple from Sydney read an article in an English equestrian magazine about an exercise that had been developed at the National School of Equitation in Kingston Vale, near London to improve riding skills. Mr Edward and Mrs Majorie Hirst visited the school on a trip to the UK where they saw first-hand this new exercise. They returned to Australia with basic equipment and the seed of the new sport, Polocrosse was sown. The sport was primarily played in the Southern hemisphere for a number of years. It finally wound its way back to the United Kingdom in the 1980’s and has enjoyed steady growth.

Polocrosse in action

For many people, polocrosse is a new sport. Despite being played by thousands of people worldwide, in the UK it is a growing sport. Sometimes the best way to explain it is to show it! So check out the video for some great polocrosse action from the Polocrosse Test Matches held at Arden in 2015; something we aspire too. We think you'll agree; it's beautiful to watch! Also press the link to a World Cup match between South Africa and Australia.

The Polocrosse Story

Hear the story of how polocrosse began...

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